Angeline Low, FRP, MS MA
Florida Registered Paralegal


Areas of Law:

Plaintiff & Defense Insurance Litigation (Personal Injury Protection (PIP), Special Investigations / Fraud (SIU), Personal Injury (PI), Bodily Injury (BI), Worker's Compensation (WC), Home Owners, Real Estate, Environmental, Code Enforcement, Land Use, Planning, Zoning

English (native / fluent); 一点人汉语/汉字; ein bissen Deutsch; en peu Francais

Dynamic Skill Set:


Client Profiles; Statistical Software (SPSS), STATA; Analytical Research Skills; Accurint; Vigilant Video; Comprehensive Criminal Backgrounds; ArcGIS; Lexis-Nexis, Westlaw, DocsOpen, CMS; LegalKey; InterAction; MS: Works, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Schedule, Access, Outlook, Publisher, FrontPage; Corel: WP, Draw, Photo, Quatro-Pro, Web; Lotus:  1-2-3, Word-Pro, Organizer; Adobe: Acrobat, LiveCycle, Pagemaker, Go-Live, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks; desktop publishing; invoicing, AR; Strategist, FACT Term., Firm Logic/ Profiles, Prevail, Javalan, Worldox, Time Matters; web design; 114 WPM, 20 inc. phone lines; transcription; 10-key by touch; 8800 KPH; creating documents/reports/ databases, data entry, organization, ordering supplies, metering mail; Notary Public; photography, freelance makeup artistry, desktop publishing, graphic design.



Legal & Law Enforcement Functions from 09/99-Present:

Teaching:  Prepare training materials for law enforcement and special units; conduct "Problem Solving" training for new personnel / research and assist with preparing leadership curriculum to prepare deputies for leadership roles (drawing from background in psychology and criminology)

Research / Statistics / Analysis:  criminal background checks / comprehensive backgrounds on persons and businesses in the U.S. and Canada / conducting legal / internet / library research; researching land / client / recorded documents / corporation history; research recorded documents to determine how to terminate them; ACHA / Medicaid / Medicare research; laws / rules / ordinances / municipal codes / statutes / link analysis / monitoring subjects / statistics and analysis based on DDACTS / prepare maps depicting reported traffic infractions and part i crimes / prepare CompStat report figures and/or charts and diagrams / preparation of maps for sex offender & predator registration / coordinate and track special functions such as the DEA's National Take Back Initiative / research federal grants for leadership training and other funding opportunities relevant to law enforcement

Statistical Analysis:  meet clients to discuss hypotheses / research questions and determine appropriate statistical tests including but not limited to chi-squared, ANOVAs, regression, correlation, cronbach's alpha; review and assist with survey instrument and design; teach basics of statistical analyses and procedures; proficiency with spss, stata, and limited knowledge of stata


Verification:  corporation status, licensure status; witness location and initial witness contact; employment verification; conducting manual background checks


Paralegal Review / Analysis:  reviewing ordinances, statutes, municipal codes, surveys / sketches / legal descriptions; dictation; time entry / timekeeping; reviewing Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) for completion of insurance applications; preliminarily flag medical issues in medical records; preliminarily flag lease provisions


Legal Document Preparation:  drafting / preparing legal documents / instruments / applications to water management districts (WMDs), counties, and cities (city / county resolutions / ordinances, conservation easements (CE), financial assurance instruments, deeds, conservation / drainage easements, Conservation Area Impact Permits (CAIP), responses to Requests for Additional Information (RAI), Capacity Reservation Certificates (CRC), Capacity Encumbrance Letters (CEL), Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA), Development Review Committee (DRC), Petition to Vacate (PTV) - Right-of-Ways (ROW) and easements, Special Exception, Variances, Code Enforcement Board (CEB) hearing documents / motions; drafting leases, contracts addendums, DR-219, UCCs


Litigation & Trial Preparation:  conducting research for / drafting and preparing initial motions / responses, propounding discovery and responses: Complaints, Answers, Request for Admissions (RFA), Interrogatories (Rogs), Requests to Produce (RTP), Motions to Compel (MTC), Motions for Protective Order (MPO), Motions for In-Camera Inspection, Motions for Extension of Time (MET), Motion for Sanctions, Motions to Consolidate, Motions to Transfer Venue, Motions to Dismiss (MTD), Motions for Default, Requests for Assistance, Petitions for Benefits / Claims for Benefits. Specialty in M/ Att. Fees & Costs, Att. Fee Affidavit, & Timesheet maintenance. issuing Notice of Production Non-Party (NPNP) and Subpoena Duces Tecum (DT); summarization / page & lines of Examinations Under Oath (EUO) and deposition transcripts


Critical Thinking:  intensive file review and timeline preparation of events; involved with strategic planning; reviewing partnership documents to determine authorized parties; review files for witnesses and preparation of status reports; comprehensive chronology of depositions, file materials, and medical records to prepare potential impeachment items


Details:  calendaring / tickling / scheduling / coordinating depositions / mediations / hearings


Legal Assistant:  preparing expense reports, preparing budgets for clients; pre-bill review; client intake; tracking DRC & Board of County Commissioner (BCC) / City Commission hearings, staff reports, agendas


General Clerical:  coordinating personal events, CLE events, medical appointments; registration of attorneys in various events/seminars, prepare travel plans, transcription; personal tasks / errands for attorney, her friends and family; personal errands


Communication:  extensive written / oral correspondence with clients, consultants, surveyors, government entities / officials, insurers, third party vendors, medical providers, Plaintiff’s counsel, clients, providers, insurers, judicial assistants, & Defense counsel, state of Florida, Florida Bar Association (FBA), Orange County Bar Association (OCBA), Seminole County Bar Association, State Attorney's Office, opposing counsel)


Management:  oversee litigation processes / procedures to ensure deadlines were met timely, approved timecards, timesheets, vacations/ time off, process invoices, coordinate client contact, open/set up and close files; collections; new paralegal / staff / attorney training / computer instruction / software usage / coordinate and recruit interns for local law enforcement


Desktop Publishing / Creative Thinking:  preparing PowerPoint presentations for hearings / mediations / public events; graphic design / editing / marketing materials / special event materials


Document Automation:  draft / design forms / templates; automate documents for office efficiency; create/ maintain Access database

Miscellaneous Experience:

Research & Analysis:  qualitative assessments and reviews of peer-reviewed articles and other documents; reviewing and interpreting statistical analysis; assisting with formulation of clearly conceptualized constructs using split half and other methods of reliability and validity; assessing empirical evidence / values of theories; using critical and abstract thinking to draw connections between unrelated theories / propositions; designing and conducting research studies.

Services Provided
  • Research
    • Legal (Westlaw, Lexis Nexis)
    • Academic
    • Basic
  • Statistical Consulting

    • Assist with research methods / design
    • consult students/faculty/staff
    • run tests for statistical significance
      • 1-way, 2-way, independent samples, & paired samples t-tests
      • ANOVAs, repeated measures
      • Cronbach’s Alpha
      • multiple, linear, & logistic regression
      • chi-squared
      • correlations
      • factor analysis (EFA/CFA)
    • research & survey instrument design
    • Assist with classroom instruction & tutoring
  • Desktop Publishing
    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Letterhead
  • Professional
    • Resume Writing
    • Proofreading
    • Editing
  • Personal Training
    • Weekend Walking Program
    • Personal Training for Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, & Depression
    • Family Fitness
    • Beginner Fitness
Research, publishing, editing, and professional service rates vary with project.

Demand Letters - $60.00-75.00 per package.
Legal Research - $55.00 per hour.
Preparing Pleadings - varies with length and content.
File Organization - varies with assignment.

Resumes - $25.00
Editing - depends on assignment.
Typing - $15.00 per page

$100 per hour

$350.00 - includes airbrush makeup application; rates vary with number of hours contracted

$50.00-150.00 - varies with number of hours contracted and application type

Educational Workshops:

Personal Training:
Fitness consultations - ask for specials
Fitness assessments - $25.00
One person, one hour - $45.00
Two people, one hour - $40.00 each
Three people, one hour - $35.00 each
Four people, one hour - $30.00 each

Walking Program:
One person, one hour - $20.00
Two people, one hour - $15.00 each
Three or more people, one hour $15.00 each

Please note all prices and services are subject to change and depend on a variety of factors.

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